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Talk ‘Til Three

Can you deliver a scientific message in just three minutes?


This is a competition for the best three-minute scientific presentation. “Best” is a loosely defined term: it includes most engaging, most informative, most creative, best delivered and any other good things you can think of. SIGN UP to compete by emailing . ALL undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are welcome to compete. PRIZES will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd best presentations (regardless of level).

DO MEMORIZE YOUR TALK. A gong (yes, a gong) WILL sound at the three-minute mark, and that WILL be the end of your presentation. There’s no time for improvisation or aaahns or hmmmms. PRACTICE makes perfect.

THINK OF YOUR MESSAGE. What do you want your audience to remember from your talk? What do you need to make sure that they know so that you can deliver your content? Three minutes is plenty of time to say (1) what the issue is, (2) why it is important/interesting/both, (3) what particular QUESTION you addressed, (4) how you addressed it, (5) what you found, (6) what that means, (7) why that is important and possibly (8) what new questions come next. 

PREPARE a Keynote or Powerpoint file and email it to NO LATER than March 17th. For the session to run smoothly, all presentations will be preloaded and run off the same computer.


Your talk will NOT have a title, so do NOT waste your precious time introducing yourself or saying the title of your presentation. I will introduce you, and your name will appear on the screen before you start. Just START HOT: jump right in with a question, a remarkable statement, a puzzle, anything to grab your audience’s attention!